As the global textile and fashion market is reaching $300 trillion worth, entrepreneurs from all over the world are working hard to building their fashion startups and bring their innovative and stylish products to the market. Just like those ethical and sustainable fashion companies we recommended before, here is a handful of fashion startups we are especially excited to tell you about.

1.       Magbelt – A magnetic belt that fits perfectly to your waist

Created by Devin and his startup company Magzook, Magbelt is a belt with two magnets, some belt webbing and a metal ring. It eliminates belt holes, belt overhang and adjusts to fit perfectly to your waist–even if you gain or lose weight.

2.       Silic – A shirt that cleans itself


No need to worry about coffee stains or wine stains anymore, because this magical shirt is able to self-clean with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology – made from ultra-soft, breathable fabric that stops stains from sweat or another liquids.

3.       Luxury Redefined – An eco-friendly and luxury clothing collection using hand woven/handloom fabric

Inspired by traditional process of turning fibre into fabric according to the wholesome environment preserving method and naturally developed a fondness for Hand-woven fabric, Chethinie and Anuradhika founded their luxury fashion line using traditional and classic weaving techniques. Each piece of collection is stylishly designed, traditionally produced and completely eco-friendly.

They recently launched an Indiegogo campaign which will provide the resources to complete and launch their first collection. This includes registering the business in Belgium, finalizing the designs, sewing designed samples, preparing patterns for production and finalizing the labelling etc. so that these designs can soon be available. If they make their goal, they will be on solid financial footing to continue their clothing line into the future.