Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.0 for $69

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Keep your plants hydrated and healthy while you dabble in DIY electronics with this Arduino automatic plant watering kit. Complete with a pump, soil moisture sensors, water switch, and more components, this kit lets you deliver the perfect amount of water to up to 4 plants at a time. Once you power the board and upload the Arduino program, the kit will monitor your plants’ moisture levels and water them; so they stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Deliver the perfect amount of water to up to 4 plants
  • Eliminate the need for messy jumpers & breadboards; easily connect all sensors and modules
  • Easily program the integrated Arduino Leonardo board
  • Get everything you need to build your own watering kit
  • Power the board w/ a single 12 V power supply directly
  • Leverage 4 interfaces for sensors, one interface for the water switch & one for motor or pump



  • Size of the box: 9.8″ x 7.4″ x 2.2″
  • Length of water pipe: 16′
  • Length of 4-Pin crowtail cable: 3.2′
  • Weight: 960 grams


  • Based on Arduino Lenardo


  • Crowtail smart pump shield v2.0
  • Integrated Arduino Leonardo board
  • 4 Crowtail soil moisture sensors
  • 16.4′ 4×6 mm water pipe
  • DC 12 V adapter
  • DC 12 V four-way valve
  • Water pump
  • 4 3.2′ 4-pin crowtail cables
  • Five-way pipe