Bristl Phototherapy Electric Toothbrush for $74

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Bristl is a next-generation electric toothbrush designed to improve your overall oral health. With Bristl, you’ll do more than just brush. You’ll reduce bacteria that causes gingivitis (and periodontitis), naturally, and better your gum health.

  • Emits blue light that whitens teeth & kills bacteria
  • Emits red light that soothes & heals the gums
  • Includes a battery that lasts three weeks when used three times a day
  • Features gentle mode (12,000 rpm) & strong mode (24,000 rpm)
  • Automatically turns off after two minutes of brushing
  • Tackles plaque in hard-to-reach places between teeth & gums more effectively than traditional toothbrush bristles, without irritating the gum



  • 8.6″H x 2.03″W x 1.47″L
  • Charging: Micro USB (5 pin) & US wall block (included)
  • Microfiber Bristles
  • Replaceable Brushhead
  • Replaceable brush heads can be purchased individually or through our subscription service


  • Bristl toothbrush
  • 2 microfiber bristles
  • 3-feet long micro USB charging cable
  • 1 charging block with California level 6 certification