Fuego F27S 304SS Pizza Oven for $2,999

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All 304 Stainless Steel

You might see this price tag and think its too good to be
true. Think again. We will be honest though, a few of our
components are not 304SS, simply because they can’t
be. Here is the list:
• Ignition System
• Red Logo Plate (Zinc)
• Shelf Handles (Plastic)
• Control Valves / Valve Manifold
• Lid Bumpers (Silicon) Casters / Wheels (Non-Marketing
• Gas Hose / Regulator
• Door Magnets / Door Magnet Catch(430 SS)
All 304 SS Gas Grill with lifetime warranty on stainless
steel; five year warranty for burners & diffusers; one year
warranty on ignition system.

Infrared Engine

Our Fuego F27S-Pizza oven is powered by two 17,500 BTU/hr infrared burners that illuminate the firebox when fired up. Paired with our ceramic encased firebox, this oven heats up fast and retains the heat for the ultimate outdoor oven experience.

Massive Firebox

With 400 sq. in. of cooking area, our outdoor oven is great for anything from pizza, cast iron skillet dishes or desserts. Our ovens are lined with thick and durable ceramic stones for added heat retention.

Incredible Versatility


With a preheat time of 10-20 minutes depending on your style of pizza, this oven gets hot fast. Also great for fresh bread.

Reaching temperatures over 700F you will be able to cook your pizza in 2-3 minutes. Please remember to turn your pizza occasionally for best results.

Cast Iron Skillets

Whipping up a one pan cast iron skillet dish is a breeze with our outdoor oven.

Perfect for searing steaks & roasting chicken or other meats.

Desserts & More

With temperature ranges from 300F-750F the Fuego F27S-Pizza oven is great for those after dinner desserts.

We recommend turning the burners to low or one burner off when baking in our oven.

Reversible Top Vent

This oven offers a reversible top vent so that when the wind direction changes, the top vent can change too. Perfect for built-in applications where you want the vent to point away from the house or into the open space behind the oven.

Countertop Depth

Designed to sit on top of the countertop, pizza cart or into a recessed built-in cavity (6 3/4″ recommended recessed countertop height).

The pizza oven measures 27″ W x 24″ D x 27″ H so will fit onto most standard countertop installations unlike most of the competitors that require a much larger depth.


  • 35,000 BTU/hr CombinedDual Infrared Burners
  • 250F-750F Temp Range
  • 400 sq. in Total Cooking Area
  • Preheats In 20 Minutes / Pizza Cook Time 2-3 Mins
  • Offered in NG or LP Options
  • All 304SS | Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Electronic Ignition (Battery)
  • Reversible Top Vent
  • Grill Dimensions 27″ W x 24″ D x 27″ H

F27S-Pizza Oven User / Installation Manual