On the Season 2 premiere of The Putback with Ian Begley, Ian and Chris Williamson are joined by Chris Broussard of Fox Sports to talk newest Knicks Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, plus Chris and Ian share their reporting and insight on both Damian Lillard and Zion Williamson, along with the likelihood that either of those stars end up with the Knicks in the near future. Chris has been covering the NBA for 30 years, including a few seasons as the Knicks reporter for the New York Times. In this episode: Broussard shares his thoughts on the Knicks front office & head coach Tom Thibodeau. Ian shares new reporting on Kevin Knox & his future with the Knicks, while assessing the “offense vs defense” balance with the regular season just days away. The guys also help Evan Fournier find a barber & check in on J.R. Smith’s golf career. Watch more of The Putback: https://sny.tv/shows/the-putback-with-ian-begley About The Putback: The Putback will star SNY NBA Insider Ian Begley, who will be joined each week by a different guest from the Knicks and the NBA, ranging from former players and coaches to national writers to Knicks celebrity fans. Meanwhile, Ian will also answer questions from “Knicks fans” who range in personality as well as opinions and philosophies on how to improve their beloved franchise

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