Set of 12 Solid 100% Polyester Unisex Bandanas – One Dozen – Navy Blue for $16

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Expires October 24, 2120 08:45 PST


Perfect for parties, party favors, self-use, schools, or any event that requires more than one unit. Wholesale pricing direct to you at retail. Many colors available. 100% Polyester. They can be used as a hair covering, headband, necktie – can be worn on the face or head, around the neck or arms as a handkerchief, face mask, wrist wrap, scarf, mens pocket square, kerchief etc.
Endless Ways To Wear It:
. Necktie
. Headband
. Pocket Square
. Face Mask
. Wrist/Head Wrap
. Mini Turban
. Scarf
. Purse Accessory
. Wet For a Cold Compress.
Endless Places to Wear It:
Have fun at the beach and protect your head and/or hair from the sun, water and sweat!
Support your team or create your own with our various colors options!
Fashionable day-to-night party, festival & everyday accessory!
Keep up the hard work using as a dusty mask.


100% Polyester Unisex Bandanas, Sewn on all 4 sides, Solid Colors