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The perfect addition to your home for jotting down all those little things from passwords to phone numbers. Each handmade leather envelop features a gold printed text and a convenient pen loop and comes with 20 sheets of handmade tree-free flower paper. The subtle and classic finish of the fine point rollerball point pen has a shimmering gold finish while the slim design fits comfortably in your grip. Each handmade tree-free paper is made from natural cotton fiber which gives it a soft luxurious feel. The paper has an abundance of flower petals which give this a beautiful look but the flat finish doesn’t take away from the smooth writing experience.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products, colors and sizes might be slightly different from the photos on the screen and no two pieces are exactly the same.



  • Design: Something Worth Remembering
  • Envelope
    • Color: brown
    • Material: leather
    • Product dimensions: 5.5″ x 6″
    • Gold printed text
    • Convenient pen loop
  • Paper
    • Handmade tree-free paper
    • Material: natural cotton fiber
    • Soft luxurious feel
    • Abundance of flower petals
    • Flat finish for smooth writing experience
    • 20 sheets
  • Pen
    • Gold finish
    • Black rollerball ink
    • 0.4mm point
    • Length: 6″


  • Leather Envelope & Cards (Something Worth Remembering)
    • Leather envelope
    • 20x handmade paper
    • 6″ pen
  • Manual